In Defense Of “Defensiveness”

Our wild survivor stock is incorporated into all of the queen lines that we offer.

Although we do select for gentleness, the highest priority in our selection process is for disease and mite resistance.
 It is our operating philosophy that generations of selection for gentleness and honey production, may have been done at great cost to the true nature of the honeybee.
While our wild bees may appear at times to be more defensive than other commercially produced stock, they are entirely manageable, and demonstrate unparalleled hardiness and a unique ability to withstand many of the different pathogens affecting honeybees today.
When working with our bees, we recommend that you follow these simple precautions:
  • Place your colonies in a sunny location a minimum of 50 yards from frequent human and livestock traffic.
  • Use proper safety measures when working your colonies:
  • At a minimum, use head net.  It may be necessary to also use a bee suit, gloves, and smoke.
  • Work your bees on sunny days when the field bees are out foraging whenever possible.