Tuesday 25th of July 2017

Queen Prices-2017


To Order:  Call  (360) 928-3125 
We ship UPS NEXT DAY AIR anywhere in the United States.*
About Our OWA Select Hybrid Wild Survivor Queens:           
Our queens owe their exceptional hardiness to careful preservation of pioneer stock originally introduced to the remote Olympic Peninsula of Washington State by early settlers over a century ago. These unmanaged feral colonies have thrived in continual isolation, adapting to the harsh fungus-rich environment of the world′s largest temperate rainforest.
Decades of natural selection, in these cool damp conditions have created resilient survivors with excellent mite-resistance, hygienic behavior, and remarkable nosema tolerance, associated with their extreme pollen hoarding behavior
All our queens are grafted from untreated breeder stock, and are naturally-mated to our Wild Survivor Drone lines which are maintained to be the predominant genetics of our closed-population mating yards.
By regular inclusion of VSH/SMR and USDA Primorsky Russian stock acquired from proven reliable sources, we consistently produce a hardy 3-way cross that exhibits the most desirable traits of each.
Read more about the history, characteristics and development of our feral stock… 
2017 Prices
To place an order call: (360) 928-3125 - 8AM to 6PM (Pacific Time)

OWA Select  Wild Survivor Queens:
minimum order: 3 ..............................
                            4  -  12  ....................
                                   13 +  ..................
$65.00 ea + S/H
$50.00 ea + S/H
$40.00 ea + S/H
Available later in the season -
Call for information
360 928 3125
Summer Nucs
Limited availability / On-site pick up only
these will be offered later in the season
Queen Cells
minimum order:  10
Temporarily Sold Out
 $20.00 ea + S/H
-shipped UPS 
Overnight Only-
*All Mated Queens are "marked" @ no additional cost

Before ordering, *please realize that our queens are not for everyone

Shipping Charges:
U S Postal Option is available for WA;OR; & ID ONLY :
Up to 12  Queens:   $9.00  1-3 day U.S. Priority Mail: Shipped in a Flat rate reinforced Priority Mail Envelope:  
Queen shipments to any other state must be shipped UPS NEXT DAY AIR @ an average charge of $45.00 to $60.00/ shipment (ACTUAL PRICE will be based on package weight and distance and will be quoted prior to shipment.)
Payment & Cancellation Policy
Our Minimum Order is $195.00   -  Nonrefundable  payment in full is required at time of order       
All orders over  $195.00   -  Nonrefundable payment of 25% down is required at time of order –  remainder is due when invoice is sent prior to shipment
We welcome Checks or Money Orders - 
We accept Credit Cards:  Visa &  Master Card
All our Queens are shipped with an Queen Introduction Checklist which is our best recommendation for successful introduction.
We make every effort to assure that your queens arrive in good condition, but: WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESSFUL INTRODUCTION.
If any queens arrive DOA notify us immediately.  Replacement/reimbursement is at the discretion of OWA
All prices subject to change without notice.
FAQ’s about our queens:
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