Friday 23rd of June 2017

OWA queens are not for everyone...

Each year we selectively breed a limited number of high-quality regionally adapted honeybee queens for sale. Although customer testimonials give high performance marks to our stock from all over the continental US and Alaska, our queens are not for everyone.

Our breeders are derived from feral lineages that have been self-sustaining in the temperate rainforests of Washington State’s isolated Olympic Peninsula since the first pioneers introduced them over 160 years ago.

While temperament is an aspect of our selection criteria, it is not our top priority.
Since we began our program in 1997, our goal is to achieve sustainable mite, disease, and pathogen-resistant stock. It is our theory that decades of selective commercial honeybee breeding has reduced the available gene-pool’s ability to naturally defend themselves.
We believe that the natural adaptation our Wild Survival Stock enhanced with our regular inclusion of the very best SMR/VSH/Russians currently available, coupled with the difficult choice we made to allow for accelerated natural selection to the new nosema ceranae fungus exposure that arrived here in 2008, has resulted in a vigorous hybrid stock that demonstrates unparalleled hardiness and unique ability to withstand many of the disease and pathogens affecting honeybees today.
Regardless of location, serious beekeepers   working toward improving the survivability of their stock without the need to use chemical miticides or antibiotics will easily recognize the benefit of including our hardy survivors in their breeding program.